Monday, November 12, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

It is really a shock at how much a Hurricane like Sandy 2012 or Irene 2011 can do to a town in a very short period of time. My first Hurricane was Irene and I was shocked at the amount and the strength of winds and the wind pushed rain. The strong winds pushed water into places I never thought water could get into. All the windows and doors had water and wind coming through them before, during and after the hurricane past our home. If you act fast water damage can be reduced greatly call Super Clean  Restoration of Fort Lauderdale FL in Broward County at 954-800-8524 for emergency water removal, storm repairs and wind and flood clean up.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Major Flooding Problems In Florida

Individuals which have been plagued by major flooding usually can make an application for United States Government and Federal Emergency Management Aid grants or loans with the I.A. Assistance program. On a more substantial problem, organizations, metropolitan areas, and neighborhoods can apply for the Federal Emergency Aid Public Assistance process for financial resources to assist after having experienced massive flooding. For example, the area of Fond du Lac WI acquired 1.2 million dollar Federal Emergency Management Agency government funding soon after flooding in the summer of June 2008. The program enables the community to obtain the water damaged properties, destroy the structures, and turn the real estate into public eco-friendly park or open area. No matter what type of plumbing related or natural disaster water or flood problems Super Clean Water Extraction 954-800-8524 service of Fort Lauderdale & Hollywood Florida have 24/7/365 emergency flood & mold damage service.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Water Or Mold Spots In The Walls?

Super Clean Property Rescue Water Restoration Service 24 Hour Fort Lauderdale Water Damage & Restoration. We have 24/7 emergency water removal from pipe breaks or floods. We offer $0 deductible and no out of pocket expenses to all our customers and we will work with your insurance agent or company. Our water extraction service for homes and business in the Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale Florida. If you see water spots in the walls, floors or ceilings, if you find damp or dark spots call Super Clean Water Damage 954-800-8524 for a free inspection.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Water in Your Basement?

Water damage can be devastating; especially in large quantities. If your home is flooded, it is very important to take immediate action. If it's a minor amount of water, move out as much of your personal items as possible and get to work on drying the area. Open windows, bring in fans, and use towels to soak up as much of the water as possible. Under the right circumstances mold and other bacteria can start to grow in less then 24 hours. If there is more water then you know what to do with, it may be time to call in a professional. Super Clean Property Rescue &  Water Restoration are Water damage specialists. We offer 24 hour assistance and can be at your door in less then an hour. We offer mold and mildew removal and bill your insurance company directly. If you are struggling with too much water, give us a call at 954-800-8524.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Driving in a Flood Tips-DON'T!

Driving in a Flood Tips--DON'T

Here are a facts about driving conditions in water.

1. Hydroplaning can occur in water that is less then half an inch deep if this water level continues for around 30 feet or more.

2. If the water level is 6" it will begin touching the bottom of most sedans. This can/will in-turn cause a loss of control and may cause stalling.

3. 12" of water will cause many vehicles to float, obviously hindering any driving ability what-so-ever.

4. If there is only 2 feet of rushing water and you think you can get through it, think again. At 24" of rushing water sedans, SUVs, and even small trucks will be swept away.

The best tip for driving in floods is: Don't drive in floods. They are dangerous, though it is just water, a lot of water can be devastating. Stay informed about flood conditions and stay away from them.

If you are dealing with water damage at your home due to a flood, burst pipe, or other water related problems give Super Clean Water Restoration a call at 954-800-8524. We work the entire Fort Lauderdale, FL metro area.